Who is eligible?

Rehabilitation Counsellors who have formal tertiary qualifications in Rehabilitation Counselling recognised in Australasia. Students who are in the process of completing the above degrees will be eligible for student membership.

Why should I join?

To take part in creating a strong, unified voice for rehabilitation counselling in Australasia, so Rehabilitation Counsellors will be heard in discussions affecting the rehabilitation area alongside Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Social Workers.

What benefits are there in joining?

As RCAA develops, it is intended that a platform of benefits for members be developed within the profession, or actively sought through strategic representation, including:

  • Accreditation of members;
  • Professional recognition and identity;
  • Recognition by relevant National and State agencies;
  • Professional indemnity package;
  • Professional development;

Many of these have already been put in place for members.

RCAA has also established formal affiliation status with the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA) which means that benefits available to ARCA members are also available to RCAA members. These include access to member rates for ARCA's electronic publications and member rates for ARCA sponsored professional development events.

How is the organisation structured?

RCAA is an Australasian body with branches representing regions.

How is this organisation governed?

Via an elected board of directors, broadly representing the regions of Australasia, and its members.

How do I have my say in the organisation?

Via general meetings (annual and special) and via the election process for directors. You can also contact directors and committee members in your area to express your views about RCAA.

Is there a central office?

Yes, currently it is located at:

PO Box 9061,
Moonee Beach NSW 2450
Mob: 0468 834 225
Fax: 02 6653 6726
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

This may change as the organisation grows.

What does the central office do?

It is responsible for the administration of the organisation. The governing process stays with the elected directors and the appointed committees are responsible for advising the directors on membership eligibility, professional standards, academic standards and research. The directors and committees are spread all over Australasia.

Are there any ethics and guidelines for practice?

The RCAA and its members have released A Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counsellors. The objective of the Code is to promote public welfare by specifying the ethical counselling standards expected of rehabilitation counsellors. RCAA members can view the Code in the members section of this website.

Is there any professional supervision required for membership?

No, because formal qualifications are required to become a member.

What about continuing professional development?

This will be an expectation to maintain the status of Member of RCAA (accred). The directors and committees have commenced development of a system of points to gain and maintain accreditation.

Does RCAA recognise any particular courses of study (at any particular academic institutions) as a prerequisite for membership?

Yes, at the moment this includes all of the Australian university degrees with majors in rehabilitation counselling. There will be a formal process of recognising each degree in Australia, as well as any degrees in other parts of Australasia, which may request recognition.