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RCAA has initiated a project to establish a searchable directory of Rehabilitation Counsellors covering Australasia. This RCAA service is available through an easy-to-use search engine interface on this website. The project is underway and can be viewed through the navigation bar (Contact> Find a Rehabilitation Counsellor). The service will support our membership. It will complement members professional planning and networking activities and will be beneficial to members who are in private practice.

The Find a Rehabilitation Counsellor directory is a voluntary search directory and contact information for RCAA full members will only appear if they have opted to participate in the directory and have provided the contact information they wish to share with stakeholders. The directory can be searched using key word, geographic region and area of competencies filters.

RCAA members may submit their profile information by sending their details to admin@rcaa.org.au. The nature and scope of the information in the directory follows a standardized layout. Information can be submitted in a simple Microsoft Word document.

Terms and Conditions

RCAA’s online professional directory lists tertiary qualified Rehabilitation Counsellors with full membership. It is a resource to identify and select certified Rehabilitation Counsellors located throughout Australasia.

The only permitted uses of this directory are: 1 For personal use to locate rehabilitation counsellors to consult about rehabilitation counseling services. 2 For professional purposes such as client referrals. 3 For planning and networking activities between rehabilitation counsellors.

RCAA monitors the use of this service. None of the information in this Directory may be copied, downloaded, republished, resold, duplicated, or “scraped,” in whole or in part, for any purpose other than the personal uses permitted above.

RCAA undertakes reasonable efforts to keep the information contained in the online professional directory accurate; however, RCAA makes no representations or warranties of any nature with respect to the information obtained through this website including, and without limitation, the implied warranties of outcomes.

For further information please click on Find a Rehabilitation Counsellor. Send in your profile details using the contact form.


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